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MMNYC is an artist & brand development agency specializing in strategy, operations, creative direction, and event production services. By working 1-on-1 with our clients, we develop individualized operational strategies 

Giavanna Z.P.

Founder, Creative Director, Strategy & Operations Specialist

A multi-dimensional artist & creative professional with over 12+ years in the entertainment industry, as well as a decade worth of social work experience, Gi has always made sure to cross-pollinate her artistic endeavors with her deep passion for social change. As of 2021, Gi founded MAJORMOVES NYC, an artist & brand development company that helps clients to excel in the creator economy through the implementation of operational strategies, marketing campaigns, community building, and holistic self-actualization practices. 


 MMNYC uniquely offers each client individualized "MOVEMAPS," which work as step-by-step, deadline-based roadmaps, helping them to achieve their goals effectively & efficiently. Specializing in Strategy & Operations, Gi works tactfully to ensure that every client has a personalized plan that stays in line with their brands overall essence & purpose. Gi's belief is that minor adjustments in everyday operations are what's needed to make major moves in the industry. Working as an #extraset of eyes on her clients careers, Gi finds where those adjustments are needed, and helps artists & small businesses to implement the mindset needed to succeed.


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Artist Consultation

Web Design

Brand Consultation

Creative Direction

Project Management

Event Production

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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