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As a self-proclaimed cross-genre MC with a UK grime influence, Gi Major is not one to be confined by industry labels. Dynamic in style, Gi ’s work is palatable to both mainstream hip-hop circuits and the rapidly growing underground grime & bass scene.


Currently stationed in Queens, Gi is the Founder and Creative Director of MAJORMOVES NYC. MMNYC is a forward-thinking creative development agency specializing in the mobilization of artists, brands, & communities. Offering imaginative solutions to clientele spanning across the US, UK, & Europe, MMNYC helps its clients to excel in the ever-changing creator economy through the implementation of operational strategies, marketing campaigns, community building tactics, and holistic actualization practices.

Specializing in Strategy & Operations, Gi works tactfully to ensure that every client has an individualized plan that stays in line with their brands overall essence & purpose.

Read on to find out more about Gi Major.

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Kicking off 2021 with her third international appearance and an album release to go along with it, Gi Major has truly laid her footprint as a forward-thinking MC with a global impact. She has been featured on some of London’s premier radio stations (Kiss FM, Rinse FM, Flex FM, Reprezent, and Pyro Radio) as well as Europe’s largest bass music and soundsystem culture festival, Outlook. Her ability to execute on stage has garnered her the support of hip-hop and grime pioneers alike; with pacemakers like Rudekid, Marcus Nasty, and Boy Better Know’s, JME and Jammer, backing her artistry. Most notably, her label's recent release, ‘Sun’s 4,’ caught the attention of the international music platform, ‘Colors,’ who showcased the track in their online publication, calling the New York grime exclusive an, “absolute gem”.

Relocating to London for the release of her debut album, ‘MAJOR MOVES,’ Gi illustrates her diligence as an artist, giving an even more literal meaning to the album title. The 8-track project caught the eyes and ears of famed music publication, EARMILK, who described Gi as an artist 'who has taken bold steps in blending traditional New York rap sensibilities with the vibrant futurism of UK hip-hop styles.' Her lead single off the project, ‘GHOST,’ was referred to as 'the best hip-hop track of 2020,’ by The Further, followed by the upbeat dance-floor tune, ‘BRUH,’ which hit grime and garage fans by storm. Both singles came packed with cinematic music videos that shed light on the levels Gi is willing to take her career visually. Using her unique sound to seamlessly (and strategically) create an international foundation, Gi can be seen as a true visionary with an admirable willingness to take risks in order to succeed.

Building bridges from NYC to London, Gi Major is a driving force in her local community and beyond. While living in a city rich in it’s hip-hop roots, her unparalleled ability to cross-pollinate both sounds and markets solidifies her as a true pioneer in her own right. Be sure to look out for more major, more music, and more moves. #MAJORMOVES

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